Great session, would love to do more sessions like this. After this session, I can feel and see some changes in my self that will help me in my growth.

– Nitin Bajaj, Pullman Hotel, New Delhi

The Training helped people make friends and to get to know each other so that we can co-ordinate with other departments easily.

– Joginder, Novotel Hotel, New Delhi

It was a great training. Very engaging and interesting.

– Ashish Kumar, Pullman Hotel, New Delhi

Mr. Kabir is outstanding in the way he explains things and deals with different situations.

– Subhankar Chakraborty, Novotel Hotel, ┬áKolkata

Traning was interesting. Best part – practical experiences were used in dramatical form which we can connect to day to day activities so the interest was very much on.

– Rajender Singh, Novotel Hotel, ┬áKolkata

The hesitation and nervousness is lesser than I had before while making speeches and presentations.

– Sumit Kumar, Petro IT Ltd., Gurgaon

Theatre gives us a chance to work as a team and makes us understand the feelings of others. It makes us confident so that we can tackle all challenges in our daily lives.

– Chandresh Kumar, Petro IT Ltd, Gurgaon

This training helped to overcome the fear of speaking in front of strangers.

– Atul Bothra, Reliance Nippon Financial

It helped me overcome stage fear, think out of the box and handle pressure.

– Bikram Kalita, Reliance Nippon Financial