Drama-based Corporate Interventions

Kabir’s workshops use European and American Theatre Techniques to enhance soft skills. He follows the learn by doing approach and uses theatrical improvisations to sharpen skills in communication, teamwork, leadership, marketing, presentation, public-speaking, international exposure, confidence-building, grooming and creativity. Before each workshop he liaisons with the HR Department to identify areas that need improvement and skill sets that need fine-tuning. 


As a theatre artist, Kabir likes to tell stories in a creative, entertaining and didactic manner using the play format. He often writes his own scripts and uses directorial techniques inspired by some of the great theatre artists of the modern era including Stanislavsky, Brecht, Brook, Grotowski, Bogart, Meisner, etc. He works with both adults and students to create plays that have a social message and are entertaining to watch. He recently won the audience choice award for best play at the Short and Sweet Theatre Festival in Kolkata. 


Kabir has a passion for writing. In his spare time he writes short stories, theatre scripts and screenplays. Most of his writing work is inspired from real people and real situations that occur in his every day life. His stories deal with personal relationships, conformity vs non-conformity, coming of age and existential angst.